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Flannel Friday Round-Up for June 28, 2013

Here's the Flannel Friday Round-Up for June 28, 2013:

Mrs. Shaia of Thrive After Three brings us (Fill-in-the-Blank)'s Colorful Day. This is a variation of Dog's Colorful Day. Mrs. Shaia used a dinosaur which makes this a perfect set to use during this year's summer reading program...Dig Into Reading. Not to mention, dinosaurs are highly popular with kids of any age. But she doesn't stop there! She offers a mouse and rabbit as well as a chart that lists the colors of many different foods and plants. This is a fantastic post with a ton ideas. Please check it out.

Kathryn of Fun with Friends at Storytime shares her Construction Vehicles. One set to go with Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia and a set of dump trucks. Another idea that would work well with year's summer reading theme.

Miss Meg of Miss Meg' Storytime brings us Johnny's Hammers. This set is perfect for the summer reading theme  and a construction theme. Even better...Miss Meg shares her original pattern with us.

Lisa of Libraryland shares three different ways to use a set for the nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. They ways are a felt set, stick puppets, and a lift the flap folder story. I love using nursery rhymes in my story times and this one has a lot of great books to go along with it. I love to use Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker.

We have a brand new contributor this week, Joy Walk of Librarian Walk. She brings us an innovative idea to update our cars story time theme. Using the song "Drivin' in My Car" by Ralph Culvert, she discusses traffic lights with the kids.

Miss Mary of Miss Mary Liberry shares her version of My Hat Has Three Corners. I've seen this rhyme before, but don't think I've used it before. Having a flannel set would be great. I haven't done a hats story time in awhile. Maybe I need to add one to the schedule.

Linda Meuse of Notes from the Story Room brings us a prop story, The Proud Artist and the Clever Boy. The worms in the story makes it ideal for sharing during this year's summer reading program. I'm doing an underground insects program in a couple of weeks. I might just have to add this to my repertoire.

Amy at Catch the Possibilities shares Butterfly Matching File Folder this week. Beautiful clipart images and a great idea to add to your bug story time theme.

Madigan of Madigan Reads brings us a set of Flowers. Love the layered look!

And this week, I bring you Beatrix Potter's Animals...a set of 11 animals that helps me introduce kids to Beatrix Potter's books and talk about Peter Rabbit's friends.

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