Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Picture Yourself Writing Poetry: Using Photos to Inspire Writing by Laura Purdie Salas

Readers are invited to use photos as poetry writing prompts.

What I thought: I was drawn to this series as soon as I saw it in the Capstone catalog. This title did not disappoint.

"A great poem is like a short vacation to an exotic land" (4).

Using photos as writing prompts is an intriguing idea--one that I can't wait to try during my teen poetry program this month. This book seems timely in that the popularity of Pinterest, "an online pinboard." Pinterest is a highly visual social networking site. Beyond that, you can find photos in books or even take your own. I'll be checking out the nonfiction section (both juvenile and adult) at my library for photography books, art books, and even great illustrations.

Picture Yourself Writing Poetry not only introduces a new kind of prompt, it also gives readers an introduction to poetry writing. I look forward to putting this new idea to work. My favorite photo in the book was on page 6--two pairs of feet/legs in colorful high heels and black & white striped tights. I'm going to ruminate on it.

The book is arranged thus:
Introduction: A Magical World
Chapter 1: Ideas, Images, and Metaphors
Chapter 2: Word Choices
Chapter 3: Characters
Chapter 4: Arranging Words on a Page

(Fact Finders: See It, Write It. Capstone Press, 2012)

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