Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is one of my favorite months because it's a celebration of something I hold dear...poetry. There's a lot going on in the blogosphere that I'll be keeping up with via my feed reader.

Here on What Is Bridget Reading? you'll find poetry book reviews and poetry themed Flannel Friday posts. I'm also planning to index my poetry reviews for you this month.

At home, I plan to read a poem a day and write a poem a day. Want to join me?

At work, I'm having a Nursery Rhyme preschool story time as well as incorporating poetry into my other story times. I'm having a Puzzles & Poems Event for teens. We'll work jigsaw puzzles and create poetry using two techniques: book spine poems and blackout poetry.

And here's a special Spring Poetry Month bulletin board that my intern and I put together:

Yes, those are poem in the tulips. They are from Jack Prelutsky's My Dog May Be a Genius and J. Patrick Lewis's Spot the Plot.

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