Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Bears by Meg McKinlay

Summary from Dust Jacket: Ella wants to tell you a story — a story with absolutely no bears. You don’t need bears for a book. You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles and maybe funny things and exciting things. But you definitely do not need bears.

What I thought: No Bears is hilarious. Am I the only one who sees the bear lurking and helping things along?  I can hear my story time kids laughing now. The bear doesn't get recognition for saving the day, but I don't think I mind. I like the illustrations--soft colors and good use of white space. Pair with More Bears! by Kenn Nesbitt for a jolly story time.

Story Time Theme: Bears

(Illus. Leila Rudge. Candlewick, 2011)

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