Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gem by Holly Hobbie

One winter, Holly Hobbie started to wonder about a toad her granddaughter once found in the garden. Her wondering led to this book. Readers will find out how the toad came to be in the garden in the first place.

What I thought: I always enjoy wordless picture books and Gem is a great one. I can predict the fun I'll have during story time with this book. I love to give the children an opportunity to tell me the story. The illustrations are fantastic. Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. (Beatrix Potter gets the credit for my love of watercolor.) I love the soft vibrancy of the colors and the excellent use of white space. I also like hoe the illustrations all show some movement.

Story Time Themes: Wordless Books, Toads, Spring

(Little, Brown, & Company, 2012)

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