Monday, July 23, 2012

SRP Week 5 Reflection

Only 3 more weeks left of the Summer Reading Program...seems like it's flown by. This week, I presented 14 programs with an attendance of 278.

Here are links to my program plans for this week:

The preschool story times all went smoothly this week. Into the Outdoors by Susan Gal was my favorite book of the 3 I read. I wish I had had time to create a felt set to go with the Campfire Pokey Song. I saw Storytime Katie's and loved it, but I didn't have time to make it. Maybe after Summer Reading is over. I used Raffi's "Shake My Sillies Out" for the first time ever this week. Needless to say, I had the song stuck in my head all week. It got a good reaction from the kids. Some did complain that it was too short.

The lesson I learned this week was to estimate better the number of materials needed. On Monday, when a coworker and I were putting together the edible campfire kits, I had to run out to get more tootsie rolls and candy corn. The kids loved making an edible craft, but it was a fight to keep them from eating the ingredients before the fires were finished. I really liked the "I'm packing my backpack" activity I found in Upstart's Read S'more Books Activity Guide.

The Edible Crafts Event for teens went smoothly, but again we had a low turnout. By the end of the event we were all chocolated out.

For my second Stuffed Animal Sleepover, I picked new books and made a new flannel board set (coming soon on Friday, August 10). I only had 3 kids show up, but we had a good time. Here's a link to the pictures. I plan to use the same agenda for my 3rd Stuffed Animal Sleepover next week. I'm hoping for more kids to test it on.

This was also the week that parents turned in the first Rubber Ducky Club sheets to receive a rubber ducky for their babies. The majority did turn in their first sheets. The babies liked the rubber ducks. I think I'll definitely be doing this again next year.

I can't believe there are only 3 more weeks of Summer Reading left. The coming week will be as busy as this one with the usual mix of preschool story times, school age events, and the 3rd Stuffed Animal Sleepover.

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