Monday, July 2, 2012

SRP Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 of the Summer Reading Program went a lot smoother than Week 1. I was less tired and enjoyed the time I spent with the kids. During the second week, I presented 18 programs with a total attendance of 317. The attendance was a little lower this week, but one of my day camps from the schools couldn't come because of a field trip.

In my head, I'm already thinking ahead to next year. One of my four libraries already has separate programs for the community and the day camps. At the other three, the community and day camps are combined. Next year, I'm separating all the programs and changing some times. One of my preschool story times is experiencing very low attendance because of the time. The time was set to accommodate the day camp groups that come after it. This is my second year of summer reading. I'm more prepared this year than I was last. Next year, I hope to be completely prepared before the program starts.

All of the preschool story times went well. Bandits by Johanna Wright didn't end up being a great read-aloud, but I'd like to try it again during the fall or spring with smaller audiences.

The school age event was fun. Overall, I think the kids enjoyed the craft. It was easy to do and I had 100 kits made up before hand and only ran out at the very end. My favorite read-alouds were Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and Gooseberry Park. The Night Fairy seemed a little too long (2 chapters) and to really make Poppy work, I should have practiced beforehand.

The Luau Movie Night would have been more fun if we'd had better attendance. Only two teens showed up and we ended up playing Spoons instead of watching a movie. On a side note: I've fell in love with the Gidget movies. I think I've watched them 3 times each already.

The Nocturnal Animals Fest for tweens turned out well, but I would have liked a better attendance. Three girls came and we had a lot of fun. My favorite parts were the Animal Tracks Match Up and making the owl cupcakes.

The upcoming third week will be slower because 3 of the 4 days camps will be on vacation and one day is a national holiday. I think I'll welcome a break.

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