Thursday, July 12, 2012

Otto the Book Bear by Kate Cleminson

Otto is a book bear. Normally, you'd find him in the pages of his book. But when you're not looking, he steps out and goes exploring. Left behind in a move, Otto searches and searches until he finds a home that's just right for him--the library.

What I thought: Otto the Book Bear is a cute book. I find it very imaginative as it sort of build on the mythology of Winnie-the-Pooh where Christopher Robin's stuffed animals live and play in the Hundred Acre Wood. I love the nod to libraries. I'm using Otto the Book Bear during the Stuffed Animal Sleepovers I'm hosting as part of the Summer Reading Program. The illustrations are lovely. They remind me of Kady MacDonald's from the Bear and Mouse books. My favorites are leaving the page and another book bear.

Story Time Themes: Books, Bears, Libraries

(Disney Hyperion, 2012)

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