Friday, March 9, 2012

Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen

The colors of her birth were red, white, and black. Her mama named her Snow in Summer but called her Summer. Seven years later, her mama's dead and her papa's withdrawn into his grief. This goes on for several years until Papa brings home Stepmama. She calls Summer Snow. For a time, Papa is more animated than he's been since Mama's death until he starts aging rapidly. Summer can't help but mistrust Stepmama and her craft. Can she escape before it's too late?

What I thought: The aspect I enjoyed most about this retelling of Snow White is the Appalachian setting and all the details thereof. Stepmama is downright creepy. Of the supporting characters, Cousin Nancy is my favorite. It was interesting to watch Summer grow up from 7 to 13 and beyond. There's a sense of foreboding that comes when Stepmama enters the story and continues throughout making it eerie and spooky. I liked getting the other points-of-view (namely Cousin Nancy and Stepmama). The dramatic irony gave me extra incentive to carry on.

(Philomel, 2011)

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