Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

Mattie Breen, always the new girl, is painfully shy due to an unfortunate incident with another classmate at her former school. This time, however, she is among family. Her Uncle Potluck is the custodian at her new school. Mattie begins to record her uncle's custodial wisdom and makes plans for the new school year. Mattie must learn to trust herself and others before she can move beyond the incident that's at the root of her shyness.

What I thought: This book started a bit slow but I soon found myself caught up in Mattie's life. I can relate to Mattie and I think many children will be able to as well. Shyness and teasing are too common. Uncle Potluck was a great character. Hound Dog True reminds me slightly of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak but for a much younger audience. The book ends with hope and I wanted to read more about Mattie--surely a sign of a good book.

(Harcourt, 2011)

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