Monday, February 20, 2012

Flyaway by Lucy Christopher

Isla's dad has heart problems, but that doesn't stop him from chasing after the swans he loves. Following a flock, he collapses. He's hospitalized and facing surgery. Isla makes a friend in Harry, a boy with leukemia. She also notices a lone swan on the lake outside the hospital. The swan follows Isla when she runs but won't fly. Isla's concern for her dad and the swan become intermingled as she struggles to fix them both.

What I thought: Flyaway was interesting and unlike anything I've ever read. Isla is a great character and the situations she goes through and the emotions she experiences are so real. Her relationship with Harry was wonderful and the ending of the book was awesome--a book about hope that ends with hope. This might appeal to those Lurlene McDaniel fans. I haven't read her, but Flyaway seems to fit the bill.

(Chicken House, 2011)

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