Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Splish, Splash, Splat! by Rob Scotton

Things Splat doesn't like:
~Spike (who breaks his toys and eats all the candy fish)
~Water (Baths are horrible! How will he survive swimming lessons?)

Splat's dislikes come together in the swimming pool. It turns out that Splat does like Spike and swimming.

What I thought: Cute! I haven't read any of the other Splat books, but I will be. He's a great character. This would actually pair well with Rock 'n' Roll Mole as both Mole and Splat dislike or fear something. The illustrations are bright and colorful. I find them very appealing. My favorites are dreaming, lined up for swimming lessons, Spike and Splat in the pool, and Spike's gift.

Story Time Themes: Friendship, Swimming, Fears

(Harper, 2011)

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