Monday, October 24, 2011

Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

Marie-Claire is almost sixteen. A time that is usually special becomes traumatic when she and her siblings Luc and Josee are diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to a sanatorium. In the 1940s, the cure for TB is rest and lots of it. Marie-Claire balks at the forced rest. She worries about her brother and sister and misses her life before TB. But to her surprise, she finds a life at the sanatorium--good friends and even love.

What I thought: I'm a sucker for historical fiction. The setting (Manitoba, Canada) is unusual and the disease is something I'm familiar with. My grandma's young sister died of TB in the early 1930s. When I headed off to college, I had to be tested for TB (something to do with living in a dorm). I felt Marie-Claire's every emotion in this book. Her anger, hopelessness, hope, and determination. All in all, a good book.

I read Queen of Hearts for the YA Historical Fiction Challenge.

(FSG, 2011)

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