Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

"I mean really. Who sends their kid to boarding school? It's so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn't have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons" (5).

Famous last words, Anna, my dear.

Her SOAP (School of American in Paris) may not be up to Hogwarts magical standards, but it does have cute, charismatic boys (Etienne St. Clair), location (Eiffel Tower, anyone?), great food, and cinemas on every corner.

What she first thought to be exile soon becomes fun. Anna and St. Clair bond over Paris, food, and movies. Like the good friends they are, they help each other through some rough times. I have one question for you: Can friends be too friendly?

What I thought: I purchased this book for my library because 1) people in the blogosphere were raving about it and 2) I thought it would appeal to Sarah Dessen fans (having never read her, I can't be sure). What I do know--I liked, maybe even loved, this book. I read it twice before I gave it back to the library. Anna's relationship with Etienne/St. Clair (read the book and you'll understand the slash mark!) is perfect--friendship, angst, and a hint of romance. Anna and the French Kiss is a promising book from new YA author Stephanie Perkins. And did I mention she lives near me in the North Carolina mountains? Too great having a sensational author that close. I can't wait to read her other books: Lola and the Boy Next Door (September 2011) and Ilsa and the Happily Ever After (Fall 2012).

(Dutton, 2010)

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