Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Oliver Olson Changed the World by Claudia Mills

Oliver Olson is not you average third grader. His parents smother him with attention and help because he was sickly when he was younger. It's all getting a bit tedious, but Oliver can't seem to speak up. When his class starts their study of outer space, Oliver finds that he has more influence than he realizes. Instead of his parents doing his project for him as per usual, he ends up working with the outspoken Crystal. When thinking of a world changing idea to submit to the senator, Oliver looks to home. Parents shouldn't be allowed to help with and/or do their kids' homework. Will Oliver be bold enough to submit his idea? How will his parents react? Will they give in and let him attend the space sleepover?

What I thought: A charming book. Oliver is such a nice character. I liked seeing the changes in him as the plot unfolded. This book fits in well with Clementine, Ramona, and friend. I wouldn't mind seeing more books about Oliver.

(Illus. Heather Maione. FSG, 2009)

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