Friday, March 18, 2011

Ubiquitous: Celebrating Nature's Survivors by Joyce Sidman

The subtitle describes this collection perfectly--"Celebrating Nature's Survivors." In 14 poems, Sidman explores some of the most resilient things on Earth. Additional notes and a glossary enrich this beautiful collection of poetry that commemorates the world we inhabit.

The Subjects: Bacteria, Mollusks, Lichens, Sharks, Beetles, Diatoms, Geckos, Ants, Grasses, Squirrels, Crows, Dandelions, Coyotes, Humans

What I thought: Since I first discovered Joyce Sidman, I've liked her. Her poetry collections are always so rich in both lyrical poetry and information. Ubiquitous is no different. The illustrations are striking--bold lines and colors. They are wonderfully suited to the poems. My favorite illustrations are the gecko and the coyotes. My favorite poems are "Gecko on the Wall," "Tail Tale," and "Fluff Head."

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(Illus. Beckie Prange, Houghton Mifflin, 2010)

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