Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Farm by David Elliott

In 13 simple poems, Elliott explores the farmyard world. From the rooster to the rabbit, we see what they do and how they interact with the farm around them.

What I thought: I liked On the Farm as much as I did In the Wild. Elliott's simple poems are exactly right for young readers and listeners. My favorite poems are "Rooster" and "Goat." Meade's illustrations are so appealing--the colors are great and the woodcut lines add definition. My favorite illustrations are the bees and the rabbit. On the Farm would work well for preschool story time. Pair with Doreen Cronin's farm books for a fun program.

The animals: rooster, cow, pony, dog, sheep, cat, goat, pig, snake, bees, bull, turtle, rabbit

Story Time Theme: Farm Animals

(Illus. Holly Meade. Candlewick, 2008)

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