Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

[Caster Chronicles Book 2]

Now that Ethan has Lena, leaving Gatlin is the last thing on his mind. If Lena's there, he'll be there. However, after her uncle's death, Lena's barely there. She's lackluster and lethargic. Even Ethan's goofy friend Link can't cheer her up. Lena's in some sort of limbo. She wasn't claimed as Light or Dark, but claimed she must be. There's a plot to make certain of it. With the help of Link and Liv, the Lunae Libri's new keeper in training, Ethan does all he can to save Lena from the Darkness.

What I thought: Okay, so I'm not going to rave about this one. Beautiful Darkness seems to fall short of the beauty that was Beautiful Creatures. Perhaps because I haven't read Beautiful Creatures in a year. Maybe if I was fresh on the series, I would like Beautiful Darkness more. Like all sequels, things get a little more complicated in this book. A happy ever after isn't possible, you see, until the end of the series. Ethan was his usual self in this 2nd installment. I still love that he's the narrator. It always seems to be Lena who has the issues. Liv is an interesting new character. I found it funny that Lena was jealous of her. I liked the last few chapters most. They were fast-paced and contained quite a few surprises. I found the first 300 pages or so downright tedious. Maybe I'm a first book, last book kind of girl. I look forward to reading the next book that's due out this year.

(Little, Brown & Company, 2010)

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