Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shadows of the Redwood by Gillian Summers

Keelie Heartwood finds her skills as a tree shepherd sorely tested when she journeys to California's Redwood Forest with her grandmother. The Redwoods' tree shepherd has disappeared and it's up to Keelie to solve the mystery. The Redwood Forest is unlike any Keelie has ever encountered. Something dark lingers there. Can Keelie find the forest's tree shepherd before it's too late?

What I thought: A solid book that will please current fans and garner more. The mystery and darkness will intrigue readers and keep them guessing. I read and enjoyed The Tree Shepherd's Daughter, but haven't read the other two books, Into the Wildewood and The Dread Forest. This didn't affect my enjoyment of The Shadows of the Redwood. In fact, reading this book peaked my interest to go back and read the two books I missed. This series shares many of the elements readers enjoy in paranormal romances like Twilight and Shiver, but with a slightly different twist.

For more information of both trilogies, visit Gillian Summers' website.

[Scions of the Shadow Trilogy Book 1--A continuation of the Faire Folk Trilogy]
(Flux, 2010. Review copy provided by publisher.)

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