Friday, November 26, 2010

No by Claudia Rueda

Winter is coming, but Little Bear doesn't want to hibernate. He tells his mother so with a resounding "No!" For every objection, he has a ready answer. Even when he gives in to winter and hibernation, he makes it his idea, not his mother's.

What I thought: What a cute book! Little Bear could give some kids competition. Have you ever met a kid like him? Well, I have. Rueda has captured children's attitudes exactly. This will be a fun book to share in story time. I'll ask the kids what they would say to their mothers! The illustrations aer just beautiful. I love the uncomplicated color scheme and the softness of the illustrations. My favorite illustration is Little Bear building a snowman.

Story Time Themes: Bears, Winter, Mothers

(Groundwood, 2009, Trans. 2010)

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