Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Roly Poly Pudding by Beatrix Potter

or The Tale of Samuel Whiskers
First published 1908
18 color illustrations, 36 black & white illustrations

Hiding from his mother to avoid being shut up in a cupboard isn't the best idea. Tom Kitten finds himself at the mercy of Samuel Whiskers (a rat!) and his wife Anna Maria. They are putting Tom into a roly-poly pudding when John Joiner (a dog!) rescues Tom.

The History Behind the Tale (Linder 191-194):
Beatrix Potter wrote The Roly Poly Pudding in 1906. It was composed at a time when rats overrun Hilltop Farm. Though Beatrix did have a pet rat to whom the book is dedicated, Sammy Rat was not the model for the character of Samuel Whiskers. Miss Potter is mentioned in the story and visible in one of the illustrations (when Samuel Whiskers and Anna Maria run away with the wheelbarrow). This story, like The Pie and the Patty Pan, was originally published in a larger format.

Miniature Letters (Linder 82-83):
Farmer Potatoes to Whiskers (Eviction Notice)
Samuel Whiskers to Farmer Potatoes (Won't Go!)
Samuel Whiskers to Obediah Rat (A New Home)

Samuel and family are evicted from the barn they took refuge in when thrown out of Hilltop Farm. They go to live with a cousin.

My thoughts: While I like the story, I don't think it's one of my favorites. The illustrations (a mix of color and black & white) are similar to those in The Pie and the Patty Pan. I do like seeing and hearing about Miss Potter in the story.

Favorite Illustrations: Tabitha putting the kittens in the cupboard (B &W), Ribby and Tabitha poking at the attic floor (B & W), Samuel Whisker's taking the butter (color), John Joiner (B & W), Samuel Whiskers and Anna Maria rolling Tom in the dumpling (color), Samuel & Anna Maria running away with Miss Potter's wheelbarrow (color)

-Tom Kitten Scavenger Hunt
-Rat Race

Favorite Words: anxious, mischief, enormous

I hope you've enjoyed my discussion of The Roly Poly Pudding. I'll be back next week talking about The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. In it, we discover what happened to Benjamin Bunny when he grew up.

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