Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

The Puddings are goat farmers. They live in the country with their goats and collies. They have no use for the City. So says Mr. Pudding, but his twelve year old son homer has to disagree. Homer knows he's meant for something more than the small town drudgery of a goat farm. He wants to be a treasure hunter like his Uncle Drake. Homer likes nothing more than poring over maps looking for hidden clues.

When his beloved treasure hunting uncle dies suddenly and tragically, Homer is devastated. However, he doesn't have long to grieve. His uncle left him something. That something is a dog, a Basset Hound that can't smell but has the uncanny ability to find lost things. Dog's collar is another clue--gold with the letters L.O.S.T. on it.

Homer knows there's something Uncle Drake wanted him to uncover. He sets out to find a treasure and instead captures his uncle's murderer. Smells Like Dog is a humorous tale of adventure and intrigue.

What I thought: Smells Like Dog is a unique story with an unlikely hero. Homer Pudding isn't much good at anything except reading maps and daydreaming. The adventure his uncle's death starts brings homer into his own. He learns to think on his feet and be resourceful. Dog is a great character. I've always liked Basset Hounds. Smells like Dog is a family story with Homer's sister Gwen and his new friend Lorelei. There's more than enough to appeal to boys as well as girls in this book.

(Little, Brown & co, May 2010. ARC won in giveaway at Reading to Know)

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