Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Reading Program Event Reflection #2

This is the second of three planned reflections on my Summer Reading Program Event experience. In this post, I'll reflect on the events I presented for children ages 6-11. The links are to the event plans on my wiki.

Event #1 (Ocean Adventure Games)
This was a fun, fun program. The kids loved correcting me when I asked "Does anyone have a bingo yet?" They'd say, "No! It's water." I forgot to share the some jokes as an opener and to take pictures. I'll be using my water creature bingo again during our Back to School Bash.

Event #2 (Tall Tales)
This program went well, but there's room for improvement. I need to read another book that's more of a standard tall tale to get across the format and characteristics. I also need to provide them with examples for writing their own tall tale/creating their own tall tale character. I should have created a couple of characters myself to give them the idea.

Event #3 (Pirate Party)
This program was by far the most popular program for this age group (and the best attended). They were a rowdy bunch of "scurvy dogs," but that was mainly my fault. They didn't really listen to the pirate info I shared with them. They were more intent with getting on with the party. They were coloring their parrots as I shared the info. I should have taken them away from the table and put them on the story time blanket.

They loved playing "Pin the Parrot on the Pirate." We played it twice. The crafts went well except the the pirate ship masts wouldn't stay up. Any tips from fellow librarians? The refreshments went over great (as food always does with any kid). I had two great teen volunteers that helped me immensely. With twelve kids attending, I came to the conclusion, we need a larger program area. This isn't possible, but it would be nice. I would have liked to give treat bags, but the budget didn't allow it.

Event #4 (Outdoor Fun)
It was too hot for this program, but we still had fun. Outdoor programs are great. I'd like to repeat a version of this in the spring or fall. Putting up a tent for shade and providing refreshments will be a must. In retrospect, I would like to use bubbles and play hopscotch in addition to the sidewalk art and beach ball games.

Event #5 (Sea Serpent Party)
Despite low attendance, this program went very well and we had lots of fun. The kids really liked the games. I'll be using the sea serpent (AKA dinosaur) race again at our Back to School Bash. The craft went well. I always like when they enjoy simple activities.

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