Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reading Ramona Take 5

Book 5: Ramona and Her Mother
First published in 1979, illustrated by Alan Tiegreen
208 pages, 7 chapters (New York: Harper Trophy)
Awards: Notable Children's Book, National Book Award

In second grade now, Ramona finds adjusting to a full-time working mother difficult. She misses the time she used to spend with her mother. However, Ramona resents being compared to Howie's horrid little sister Willa Jean. Seven and a half is a hard age.

This book definitely has the cozy yet realistic feel that all the other Ramona books have. Ramona's longing to be understood and cherished by her mother is endearing. She seems to want attention whether she realizes it or not. The running away scene was great. It's such a universal kid thing. I remember running away a few times myself. I'd pack up my pink plastic Barbie suitcase and head for the woods. A couple hours later Id' be home, over the hurt or anger that drove me from home in the first place.

Favorite Quotes:
"Sewing seemed like a cozy way to spend a rainy morning" (37).
"All sorts of uses for the sewing machine began to fly through Ramona's imagination" (46).
"People should not think being seven and a half years old was easy, because it wasn't" (51).

Activities from Ramona and Her Mother:
Sewing (Ramona wanted to make a book!)
Building a boat
Writing your name in an interesting way

Up next, Book 6: Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

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