Friday, May 28, 2010

Over My Dead Body by Kate Klise

(Book 2 in the 43 Old Cemetery Road Series)

Things are great at 43 Old Cemetery Road in Ghastly, IL. Mr. Grumpley, Olive, and Seymour have formed their own publishing company and plan to release the next three chapters of their book by Halloween. Their plans go awry when an anonymous someone sends a letter to Mr. Dick Tater. He declares the living arrangements at 43 Old Cemetery Road unsuitable. (Remember, Seymour's parents left him to the care of whoever rented the house. That would be Mr. G--old and grumpy. And don't forget, although she's a lovely woman, Olive is also a ghost.) Mr. Grumpley is carted off to the lunatic asylum and Seymour is packed off to the orphanage. Can the three reunite and meet their deadline?

What I thought: Another great book in this series. Funny and fast-paced. Also raises some thought-provoking questions. For example, what constitutes a family? I look forward to reading more about Mr. Grumpley, Olive, and Seymour in future books. As always, M. Sarah Klise's illustrations are top notch.

(Illus. M. Sarah Klise. Boston: Harcourt, 2009)

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