Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reading Ramona

Book 1: Beezus and Ramona
First published in 1955
6 chapters, 159 pages (Illus: Louis Darling. New York: Scholastic)

Beezus (though she much prefers Beatrice) is almost 10. Her little sister Ramona is 4. Invisible lizards and lollipop dragons…that alone should give you a reason to read the first Ramona book.

I loved the interaction between the sisters. My sister is only a little younger than me so I never experienced the frustration of a tag-along sib. I liked that Beezus and Ramona have very different personalities. This is too true. I wonder how Cleary, being an only child, knew this. Probably by observing children at the library or her own twins. What struck me most about the book was its sense of fun. Ramona may cause problems and get into messes, but it’s all playfully intended. The book though more than 50 years old did not seem dated. The only thing that make it seem older were the illustrations, but I think newer editions of the book have updated illustrations.

Up next, Book 2: Ramona the Pest.

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