Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Millie's Marvellous Hat by Satoshi Kitamura

Millie wants to buy a hat, but she has a problem. Her funds are limited. She has no money for hat. Luckily for her, the hat maker has an imagination. He sells her a hat she can afford and Millie has not one hat but hundreds.

What I thought: Another great book about the power of imagination. The illustrations are classic--simple lines and muted colors. My favorite illustration is the one with the people in the park and all their hats. Kids will like looking at all these different hats.

Story Time Themes: Imagination, Stand Alone (the book is a little long)

Craft idea: Have the kids draw/design their own marvelous hats.

(New York: Andersen Press USA, 2009)

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