Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beezus and Ramona movie!!!

Newsflash: premiering this summer--Beezus and Ramona, the movie!

Am I the only fan who didn't know this? Thanks to Abby(the)Librarian for getting the word out.

I loved the Ramona books growing up. I even read Cleary's memoir A Girl from Yamhill. Several times.

During college (English major) and grad school (library science) I was absolutely floored to discover Beverly Cleary was a children's librarian before she became a writer and author.

It's been ages since I read the books. The movie's not coming out until August (I think). So here's my own personal challenge: to re-read all the Ramona books before the movie comes out. Join me if you dare.

Here are all the Ramona books:

1. Beezus and Ramona
2. Ramona the Pest
3. Ramona the Brave
4. Ramona and her Father
5. Ramona and her Mother
6. Ramona Quimby, Age 8
7. Ramona Forever
8. Ramona's World

Note: I might also read Henry and Beezus which is pre-Ramona.

Expect regular updates on my status.


Anna Galyon said...

I actually want to go see this movie, partly cause I used to love the Ramona books, but also because I am a big Selena Gomez fan! So glad you posted about this. :)

Bridget said...

I'm excited too, Anna. I'm working on my re-reading project so I'll be ready for the movie