Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lulu's Pajamas by Lucie Papineau

Lulu loves her favorite pajamas so much that she resolves to wear them all the time. School wreaks havoc on her pajamas. Now they are paint splattered, food stained, and just plain dirty. Ergo, Lulu resolves to never ear them again. This causes a problem because her parents only read stories and ding songs to little mice who wear pajamas. Lulu reaches the perfect compromise. She will wear here pajamas sometimes.

What I thought: A charming book with delightful illustrations. Lulu could be any little girl who only wants to wear her favorite thing. (Reminds me of The One and Only Marigold by Florence Parry Heide.) I like that her parents let her work through her dilemma on her own. She learns for herself when is the best time to wear pajamas. The similes in the book (e.g., "as good as a pink dream") are great. In fact, this would be a good book to use when teaching children about similes.

(Trans. Marie-Louise Gray. Illus. Stephanie Jorisch. New York: Kids Can Press, 2009)

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