Friday, November 13, 2009

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

Brothers, Marilee. Moon Rise. Memphis, TN: Bell Bridge Books, July 2009. (ARC provide by Publisher) Book 2 in the Unbidden Magic series.

When we last saw Allie, she’s triumphed over the evil Trimarks, keeping the moonstone safe and preventing further harm to friends and family.

It’s now Halloween night. The Trimarks are keeping a low profile. But Allie is still recovering from her last encounter with them. She has nightmares and her powers have deserted her. She needs a miracle, but what she gets is Beck Bradford, the gorgeous half demon boy who can heal her. (By the way, Junior went to Mexico and Allie hasn’t heard from him yet.)

As Allie regains her powers, she discovers the untapped capabilities of the moonstone. No wonder the Trimarks want it. Will these newly discovered facets be enough to thwart another attempt to steal the moonstone?

What I thought: Brothers drops you right into the action. Allie, despite her paranormal powers, is a typical angsty teenager. I liked the mysteries this book revealed. (Who was Allie’s maternal grandmother? Did she have powers?) These will keep readers wanting more. I can’t wait to read book 3. I want to know what happens with Beck. He definitely has the Edward Appeal. (Question—Are demons more dangerous than vampires?) I was a bit perplexed by Junior’s extended trip to Mexico and the introduction of Beck into the story. Allie (unintentionally) seems to be boy-hopping.

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