Friday, October 30, 2009

Pete and Pickles by Berkley Breathed

Breathed, Berkley. Pete and Pickles. New York; Philomel, 2008.

Pete the pig is perfectly satisfied with his life. It's predictable and uncomplicated. Until the night a runaway circus elephant named Pickles chooses his house as a refuge. Pete's life is never the same. Pickles has plans for adventures with Pete as co-adventurer. Pete hates this new unpredictable, complicated life. Its' time for Pickles to leave. But enduring a near death experience brings Pete and Pickles closer together. They're friends!

What I thought: Absolutely delightful! Pete and Pickles are an animal Odd Couple. I love Pickles joie de vivre and Pete's reticence. I was delighted by the process through which an idea (the author's daughter's sketch and her explanation that the pig was sad but didn't know) became a book. I hope there will be more Pete and Pickles books.

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