Friday, October 9, 2009


Hale, Shannon. Austenland. New York: Bloomsbury, 2007.

Jane Hayes has a somewhat unhealthy obsession wit the film version of Austen's Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth. She's basically ruined herself for other, ordinary men. Her great aunt leaves her an all expenses paid Regency vacation in her will. Jane doesn't quite know what to do. But as the trip is nonrefundable, she goes. Will three weeks pretending she's an Austen heroine finally break her obsession or make it stronger?

What I thought: A great book--I had no idea that Hale had written an adult novel. The subject of this novel (Jane Austen) will be near and dear to the hearts of many readers. Jane's time in Austenland forces her to take stock of her life and ultimately discern reality from make-believe. This book reminded me greatly of the 2009 film Lost in Austen.

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