Friday, September 18, 2009


Bauer, Joan. Sticks. New York: Speak, 1996.

Mickey Vernon has a goal—to be a pool champ like his dad. The Junior Nine-Ball Championship is coming up soon and Mickey’s training hard to beat his competition. Buck Pender is older, intimidating and a good pool player. With the help of his dad’s best friend, Mickey trains to be the best. In a pre-championship game against Buck, Mickey injures his hand. Can he play in the championship? Will all his hard work pay off?

What I thought: I’m delighted with this first “boy book” from Joan Bauer. I read Stand Tall some months back. Unlike it, Sticks features a first person protagonist like Bauer’s young adult “girl books.” I grew up watching my parents play so I can appreciate Mickey’s fascination with the game. Sticks is a great book about pool, friends, and proving yourself.

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