Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Day

Henkes, Kevin. A Good Day. New York: Greenwillow, 2007.

A bird, a dog, a fox, and a squirrel are all having a bad day for various reasons. Their circumstances change and the day turns out to be good after all.

What I Thought: This story is lovely in its simplicity. The illustrations are just what I expect from Henkes. I enjoyed the surprise at the end. (That's all I'm saying here about that. Go read the book.)

Story Time Idea: The brevity of text makes this book perfect for a preschool story time. Henkes' birthday is in November. Why not have a birthday celebration and read several of his books?

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Teashop Girl said...

Kevin Henkes is wonderful. I got to see him speak last week and I was so impressed.