Thursday, July 30, 2009

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroff

Numeroff, Laura. If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. Illus. Felicia Bond. New York: Laura Geringer, 2000.

It’s Christmastime and Mouse is going to the movies. Popcorn inspires him to make a chain and that leads to the purchase of a Christmas tree, lots of snow play, and the making of other decorations.

What I thought: A Christmas story from Numeroff—what fun! I love the illustrations. They give me so many ideas for a story time program. I can see children making ornaments just like Mouse does. I have to wonder if the other animals are jealous of Mouse. Not only does he get cookies, he gets to go places. In 2000, he went to the movies. In 2002, he went to school. Where should the other animals get to go?

If You Take a Moose to the Mayor’s Office
If You Take a Pig to the Post Office
If You Take a Cat to the Carwash
If You Take a Dog to the Dentist
If You Take a Fox to the Firehouse
If You Take a Rabbit to the Racetrack
If You Take a Snake to the Salon

Note: Readers will meet most of these animals in If You Give a Pig a Party (2005)

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