Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Bruel, Nick. Bad Kitty. New Milford, CT: Neal Porter, 2005.

Kitty isn’t really bad. She’s only bad when forced to eat healthy food like eggplant and water cress. Then she does bad things. She “endangered the goldfish” and “yowled all night” for a start/ However, her behavior always improves when her humans stock up on the food she enjoys such as goose goulash and whale waffles. After such a scrumptious feast, Kitty must make amends. She “kissed the goldfish” and “sang opera all night.”

What I thought: Nick Bruel is a genius. This delightful book takes readers on a romp through the alphabet four times. When I first saw Bad Kitty on, I knew I had to have my very own copy. Thank you, Mr. Bruel, for hours of entertainment as I read the book repeatedly.

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