Monday, March 2, 2009

Rowan Hood By Nancy Springer

Springer, Nancy. Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest. New York: Philomel, 2001.

When Rosemary's mother is murdered because they believed she was a witch, Rosemary renounces her femininity. She becomes Rowan and sets out to find someone she's never met before--her father. Rowan's father is none other than infamous outlaw Robin Hood. Sherwood Forest is fraught with much peril. Rowan rescues a princess from a unhappy marital fate and befriends a minstrel. She, like her father before her, becomes an outlaw.

What I thought: I love the idea of giving favorite stories a fresh face with new characters and plots. Rowan's story is heartwarming. Her mother dies, she goes to find a father she's never met. He doesn't even know he had a daughter. Talk about harsh. Rowan just wants to belong. Overall, I liked the book. If you like the idea of Robin Hood with a daughter you might watch Princess of Thieves. The 2002 Walt Disney film gives Robin Hood a grown daughter.

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