Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Looks by Madeleine George

George, Madeleine. Looks. New York: Viking, 2008.

People ignore Meghan. This should be impossible to do since Meghan is a big girl. I do mean BIG. Invisibility has its perks. Meghan knows more about the students and teachers at her high school than they know about themselves. The habit of ignoring Meghan leads her fellow students to talk about the most private topics in her hearing.

Meghan doesn't have friends. She had them once, but they betrayed her. When Aimee comes to school, Meghan knows this girl could be her friend though Aimee is as thin as Meghan is big. Aimee gets sucked into the guile that is Cara (one of the school's popular girls). Meghan knows how Cara operates. They were once best friends. Meghan tries to warn Aimee about Cara, but Aimee dismisses her as crazy.

When Cara betrays Aimee, Meghan is the only person that can help.

What I thought: This book was not what I expected. The narration threw me for one thing. I expected first person (as the majority of YA novels are these days) and instead got third person. Overall, it was a fascinating read that touches on some serious topics (eating disorders, the meanness of girls).

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