Friday, February 20, 2009

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets by Nancy Springer

Springer, Nancy. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets. New York: Philomel, 2008.

In this 3rd installment of Enola's adventures, her brother Sherlock's friend Dr. John Watson has went missing. Enola is soon on the case. But first she must concoct a disguise that will make sure her brothers never recognize her. She's been a widow, a secretary, a doctor's wife, and even a nun. Enola attempts her most daring disguise ever--she's going to be beautiful. This is no small feat considering she looks just like Sherlock. Enola's quest for an infallible disguise and her knowledge of flower language help her find Dr. Watson.

What I thought: The more I read about Enola, the more I like and admire her. Her plan to be beautiful is ingenious. It is a disguise that will be useful now and later. Enola's skill at being just who she needs to be is fantastic. I do wonder, however, if she will lose her true self in all these disguises.

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