Friday, January 23, 2009

Review: Gold Dust Letters

Lisle, Janet Taylor. The Gold Dust Letters. New York: Avon Camelot, 1994.

It all starts with a letter. Angela decides to write to her fairy godmother. Angela's that kind of girl. She still believes in magic. Her belief is validated when her fairy godmother writes back. Written on parchment paper with purple ink, the letter sheds gold dust whenever it's open. But what does the letter say?

"With great honor I present myself: Pilaria of the Kingdom of Faeries, Eighth Tribe, Fourth Earth, Under the Sun-Star Aravan, May It Shine on Our Land Forever and Ever.


Your message has been received. Unfortunately, boxes of chocolates like the one you requested have long been out of stock. A hundred years ago they were all the rage, but fashions change. The kingdom has not filled such an order in fifty or sixty years and no longer prepares them. We are sorry that we cannot grant your wish in this matter.

The Gray-Eyed Faerie,

With the help of her friends Georgina (doubter of magic) and Poco (talker to animals), Angela sets out to discover more about the Pilaria and the fairy kingdom.

What I thought: This was a delightful book. I was pleased to learn that it is the first in a series. The other books are Looking for Juliette, A Message from the Match Girl, and Angela's Aliens. Angela's belief in magic is what made this book so enchanting. After all, believing is seeing, right?

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