Friday, December 3, 2021

Rainbows in Bloom: Discovering Colors with Flowers by Taylor Darroch Putnam & Michael Putman

Learn about colors through beautiful photographs of flowers. Seek and find items on every page. Once you know your colors, learn some flower names, too. 

Thoughts: Color books for the youngest children are nothing new. Colors are one of the concepts toddlers and preschoolers learn. Rainbows in Bloom is something new. Visually stunning with beautiful photographs of colorful flowers. The text invites readers to explore the flower collages on the foldout pages. I love the inclusion of the flower names throughout the book. The age group this book is aimed at (2-5) is notoriously inquisitive. I'm sure there are kids that the answer "It's a flower." won't satisfy their curiosity. This is a larger board book with foldout pages so I think I could easily use it for storytime especially if my group is small. Rainbows in Bloom will also be great for one-on-one sharing.

Themes: Colors, Flowers, Spring 

(Review copy provided by publisher. Phaidon, 2021.)

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