Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spectacular Spots by Susan Stockdale

As with her other titles that I've read (Bring on the Birds and Stripes of All Types), Susan Stockdale uses simple text and bright colored illustrations to introduce the youngest of readers and listeners to animals with spots.

Thoughts: Stockdale is in my top three author's of children's nonfiction that can be used with preschoolers. (The other two are Steve Jenkins/Robin Page and Cathryn Sill.) The additional information in the back of the book adds interest for those readers to want to know more. I love asking my storytime kids to identify the animals they know in the illustrations. I look forward to using Spectacular Spots in my spots and dots storytime this fall.

Themes: Animals, Spots (& Dots, & Stripes), Nonfiction, Elementary Outreach 

(Peachtree, 2015)

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DMS said...

Sounds like a great book and one I should tell my co-author about. She just celebrated Dot Day at her library and was looking for more books with dots and spots for next year. Thanks for sharing!