Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book by Book by Cindy Hudson

Subtitle: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs
(Berkley, CA: Seal Press, 2009)

I believe the subtitle says it all about this book. 21 chapters are divided into 3 subsections

Part 1- A New Chapter: How To Get Your Club Started
Part 2- Turning the Page: Keeping Your Club Thriving
Part 3- Getting Over the Bumps: How to Handle Typical Club Challenges

The book also includes 3 useful appendices: where to find books, books for your book club (an annotated list divided into age groups), and recipes.

Cindy Hudson has the experience and thus the expertise to write this book. She belongs to two mother-daughter book clubs--one with each daughter. This book is one of the best I've read about starting and maintaining a book club. Though it specifically deals with mother-daughter book clubs, I think any book club would find Book by Book a valuable resource. I liked that Cindy mentioned new technologies (i.e. Web 2.0--GoodReads, Facebook, Skype) and spoke fondly of libraries and librarians in the course of her book.

I was lucky enough to win this copy of Book by Book in a blog giveaway. My desire to read it comes from my profession. As a librarian, I may be called on to support mother-daughter book clubs. Reading this book strengthened my ability to do so. I'll be passing Book by Book along to a cousin. She has a ten-year-old daughter who is an avid reader. Wouldn't it be great to have a mother-daughter book club in the family?

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